Hokuto™ Slimming Patch
Hokuto™ Slimming Patch
Hokuto™ Slimming Patch
Hokuto™ Slimming Patch
Hokuto™ Slimming Patch
Hokuto™ Slimming Patch
Hokuto™ Slimming Patch
Hokuto™ Slimming Patch

Hokuto™ Slimming Patch

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Hokuto™ Patch has a powerful, botanically-based formula and steady dose of active ingredients to deliver maximum firming, tightening, and toning results when applied to your skin. 

Success Is The Sum of Small Efforts.

Target on your stomach for a slimmer outlook and firmer, toned skin!


    Hokuto™ Mint Benefits

    🌿 Reduction in the appearance of fat deposits.

    🌿 Boost energy and burn more calories.

    🌿 Slims, firms, and tones the body.

    🌿 Improves elasticity, boost blood circulation.

    🌿 Curbs appetite and increases the feeling of being full.

    🌿 Induces Lipolysis and Fat Burning in the layer below the skin’s surface.

    🌿 Naturally dissolves the active ingredients in response to body temperature.

    🌿 Skin looks toned and feels healthier in a shorter period of time.

    🌿 Stimulates hypodermic tissues to eliminate fat and toxins.

    🌿 100% safe & made with botanical ingredients.


    Hokuto™ Mint Main Ingredients

    Hokuto™ contains ZERO chemicals, pharmaceuticals or any active ingredients that carry side effect.

    Hokuto Mint Leaves 
    Speeds up metabolism & Breaks down fat cells

    Salicornia Herbacea
    Decreased body weight gain, liver weight, hepatic triglyceride, serum leptin and insulin levels

    Natural Herbs Essential Oil
    Relives anxiety, pain and bloating & Reduce cholesterol. Improves blood circulation


    🌿 Other natural premium ingredient extracts such as Lemon Grass, Nutmeg, Lavender, Sage, Citrus, Bergamot and other natural herbs are used as they help to reduce the activities of the enzyme and are responsible for synthesizing fat while detoxifying the body.


    1. Be sure to drink plenty of water while wearing the patch.
    2. Apply one patch per day, and wear it for 8-12 hours.
    3. You can apply the patch to various parts of your body, but applying it directly over your navel may give you better results.
    4. For optimal results, we recommend using the patch for 30 days as one full treatment period.


    Look! How Life Changes When They Gain Back Their Confidence

    Hokuto™ helps to reduce the absorption of grease, sugar, and starch, and promotes a healthy appetite. It also helps to remove fats and toxins from the body, and can help to tighten skin. Additionally, using this patch is more effective than taking pills because it bypasses the digestive system.

    She lost 35 pounds of stubborn belly fat and literally transformed her body.

    It's true - Xandra lost 41 pounds of belly fat and completed transformed her health.

    Quantity: 10-Piece/Pack
    Color: Yellow Gold
    2.8" x 2.0"
    Mint Leaves, Salicornia Herbacea, Natural Essential Oil, Lavender, Jojoba essence, Lemon Grass, Citrus, Sage, Nutmeg &  Bergamot

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